News And Perspective

News & Perspectives provides a variety of information, concepts, insights, and ideas on sport and physical education.
Everything in News & Perspectives—the pertinent information, the controversial points of view, the food for thought—is presented in the spirit of serving humankind through sport and physical education. After reading through an article, report, or any other News & Perspectives item, if you wish, email ASI and let us know what your feelings are. Please be sure to reference the item you’re responding to.
In the Newsletter section, you can find out what’s happening at the American Sports Institute and review articles that look at sport and physical education in unique ways by reading The Athlete’s View, ASI’s quarterly publication. And, you can peruse through previous issues of The View.
A number of the articles in The View that have been written by ASI staff or contributing writers also appear in the Articles section, as do articles from other writers and publications.
In the Position Papers section, you can learn about ASI’s stance on a particular issue and what changes the Institute is calling for.
You can review research and presentation reports on ASI programs and studies in the Reports section.
The News Releases section includes news about ASI through recent and archived press releases.
In the Athlete’s Corner section, you can read firsthand accounts of what athletes experience, think, and feel when they’re participating in sports.
  1. You can access websites related to the work ASI is doing through our Affiliated Links and Suggested Links listings.